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Loch Raven brought a new spin to Brave Girl. An uplifting and energetic version of a song I hold very dear to my heart and soul. 


This was the first song I ever wrote and tabled it until I unknowingly needed it’s message. Be bravely YOU. It’s easy to be someone else. Remember that you hold the pen to write your own story. Embrace who you are and courageously step forward into your truth. 


“Disappear” captures a movement, both emotionally in the vocals and physically in the structure and production of the song itself. This song is a collaboration between two people who never forget where they come from, but always remember who they are meant to be. Sometimes we have to leave what we know to reach for something we’ve always wanted. Look up…you are meant to be among the stars.


“Despite the garden you’ve been dealt, it’s still a garden. Your garden. When it feels you have nothing left to give, water it with a new perspective and watch what blooms there. Here you can allow your flowers to grow toward the sun into brighter days.”

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